Phoenix Program


Phoenix Program

Picture yourself at your favorite vacation spot wearing whatever bathing suit you want and taking that perfect selfie.There is no better feeling than feeling confident and comfortable with your body during the hot summer season. With that in mind, Sealey Strength has developed a fitness program geared to get you beach ready. Coach Sealey has created a Phoenix Program specifically for women to help them achieve their summer body goals. This program is designed for fat loss and improves the shape of the legs, butt, waist and arms. Unlike other boot camps, that can have 20+ people in it, this class will be capped at 10 ladies to ensure each participate gets the trainers maximum focus. You will get excellent coaching and be surrounded by a tribe of motivated women all at a great value.


For one hour every morning, our trainers will whip you into shape as you circulate between cardio and strength training. Any given workout might consist of push-ups, squats, lunges, running, or jump roping, as the coach will spare no method in the quest for fitness.

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